Truck Storage Problems?

Problem Solved!

Get organized... Become more efficient!

Many pickup truck owners with toppers have a shelf on the box rails by the cab. This gives them more space under the topper. Very good idea, the draw back is that if you want to access to your things in the middle of the shelf you have to crawl up into the box of the truck. Besides the stuff on the shelf is not secured and can still spill over or bounce out onto the bed of the truck leaving a mess.

Truck Mate has done something no other truck rack has done. By taking that shelf idea, incorporating a drawer instead of the shelf above the bed of your truck for small tools and parts you can easily fit large items like an air compressor, boat, ladders, collapsible fish house etc. under it. With the drawer in place you retain the full capacity of your truck box. The drawer will contain your small items like hand tools, ammo, bags of screws or nails, guns (hunting or nail) or fishing rods so they’re not bouncing all over the box of the truck when you travel down those rough roads to your construction site or your favorite hunting or fishing spot. We then went one step further and added drawer slides to the drawer so you can pull them out and easily reach your stuff at the back of it, eliminating the need of having to crawl up in the box of the truck every time you want something.

If you have a pickup you do stuff whether you work with your hands on a daily basis or you’re the weekend ‘go to’ guy, you haul stuff and the more that stuff bounces around the box of your truck the faster it wears out, gets broken or bounces out of the truck all together.

Work or play you can load your stuff in the Truck Mate Storage Rack and drive away with the tailgate up or down and you don’t have to worry about losing anything.

Patent Pending: #12782760